Astounding ratio of criminal records among the newly elected MLAs of five Indian state assemblies

A surprisingly prodigious number of MLAs were found to be defendants of criminal cases among the 690 newly elected ones in the five Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa. Among the 690 MLAs, the affidavits of 689 were analyzed by the National Election Watch and the Association for Democratic Reforms, whereupon 192 MLAs have declared involvement with criminal cases. The number, believe it or not, actually accounts for 28% of the elected MLAs, which is a lot! The number of cases related to serious offences exceed the mark of 100. If we consider the concentration of the case defendants per state, then statistics reveal that UP or Uttar Pradesh is the top contender, with 36% of MLAs declaring their involvement in criminal cases from UP alone. Following UP, we have Uttarakhand with 31%, Goa with 23%, Punjab 14% and last but not the least, Manipur with 3% only.

28% MLAs have declared involvement with criminal cases

However, the percentages of serious cases per state vary from this and they are slightly reduced, too. But, they follow the same sequence as the aforementioned list.




Again, the scrutiny by the National Election Watch (NEW) and the Association for Democratic Reforms (FDR) also revealed the financials of the elected MLAs, with 540 or 78% of them found out to be worth more than tens of millions. However, the statistics are different in this case, as Goa tops the list with all 40 MLAs from Goa being millionaires.  Next, we have 81% from Punjab, 80% from Uttar Pradesh, 73% from Uttarakhand and 53% from Manipur. These statistics actually reveal more than what appears to the eye about the MLAs. They vary state-wise but if we are looking for individual worth, then the name of Rana Gurjit Singh is to be mentioned, as he holds the top place with an asset value of RS 169 crore. The second place belongs to Sukhbir Badal Singh, who has a net worth of RS 102 crore. A frying fact in this case is that both of the top contenders are from the state of Punjab.

78% of them found out to be worth more than tens of millions

The next thing which was revealed by the study to us was the age range of the elected MLAs. In this case, a total of 329 or 48% of the MLAs were found to be between 25 and 50 years of age, while rest 358 or 52% have declared their age to be between 51 and 80 years. The only exception in this case was one MLA, who declared his age to be above the 80 years mark, which actually makes him quite old, as a matter of fact!

For the concluding part of the study, we can discuss the declaration of educational qualification status by the MLAs. With the majority of the MLAs declaring their qualifications to be at a par with graduate level or more (69% or 473 MLAs), the percentage of MLAs who declared their qualification to be between 5th and 12th pass proved to be meagre, with only 28% or 193 of them belonging to this criterion. The rest of the MLAs chose not to declare their qualifications in their respective affidavits.

28% MLA’s qualified between 5th to 12th standards

BJP Supporter cheering

The supporters of BJP cheering the poll victory in yellow throughout UP.                        Source: PTI



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