When talent gets entangled in hate and suspicion: Marine Engineer gets dismissed repeatedly due to his name

There goes a saying that “all activities should be judged by their respective intentions”. However, even after possessing the just intention, people still fall prey to repression and violence. Such is the case with Saddam Hussein of Jharkhand, India. Being a graduate of marine engineering from Tamil Nadu’s Noorul Islam University, he still has not been able to obtain a job in his line of work. On the contrary, his qualifications include him standing out second in his graduation batch. Why is that so? As you might have guessed, it is his name, which has been dubbed by various companies as an “operational nightmare”. In total, he has been rejected for 40 times while applying for different jobs, just because his name arouses suspicion among the employers. He had to learn this through the harsh way, when he inquired with the member of the Human Resources department of a certain company.

Rejected for 40 times while applying for different jobs

But, what was actually the motive behind his naming? You may expect some revolutionary tale, but in this case, it is quite blunt: positivity. The name itself is a part of the Arabic dialects and it signifies positive nature. That is exactly what Saddam’s grandfather envisioned him to be of when he christened him with the name. Little did he know of the future and endgame of the dictator he had named his grandson after. We all know about the unfortunate fate of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and how he was executed in 2006 by the United States.

The name Saddam itself is a part of the Arabic dialects and it signifies positive nature

When Saddam realized that his future would be jeopardized due to his name, he did change it to Sajid Hussein. However, his path was still riddled with misfortune. It is a matter of fact that name changing is a process which involves a whole lot of paperwork, especially if done at latter periods of life. Thus, Sajid was entangled in new formalities related to official documents, like his passport, voter ID, secondary and higher secondary certificates etc. Due to lack of response from the Central Board of Secondary Education, he moved forward with a petition to the High Court of Jharkhand. Should he succeed, as we all hope that he does, the High Court with instruct the CBSE to complete the required procedures at full tilt, thus enabling Sajid to officially change his name for good.

Eager for the verdict as we are? Tune in to FactsFry, as we wait to provide updates to the story based on the hearing scheduled on May 5.



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