India to be reprimanded by China for the invitation of Dalai Lama to the inauguration of Buddhist seminar

The Indo-Chinese relations took a cold turn today after China issued a warning to India, asking New Delhi to eschew further conflicts with bilateral ties among the two. This was due to the fact that the invitation of Dalai Lama to the seminar in Bihar was an act contrary to the Chinese policy and opposition.
The first person to speculate on the issue on behalf of Beijing was the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying. Here at FactsFry, we have come to know about the direct press release of the Hua Chunying, which stated China’s utter disappointment and opposition towards the issue. She said and I quote, “We urge the Indian side to understand the anti-China separatist nature of the Dalai group, honor its commitments on the Tibet related issues and respect China’s core concerns.” With that being said, we also came to know about the austere opposition of China to the invitation of the 14th Dalai Lama through Hua Chunying’s address.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying’s address.

However, amidst all these events, Dalai Lama did inaugurate the international seminar on March 17. It was held in Nalanda district, which was quite a bit of a journey from Bihar’s capital of Patna. Buddhist monks from all around the globe participated in the discussions of the seminar on ‘Buddhism in 21st century’.

Apart from all these, China did demur at the issue of India permitting Dalai Lama visit the disputed regions, like parts of the Arunachal Pradesh on the North. This region is actually attributed by the Chinese as Southern Tibet, as expressed by another Foreign Ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang. This was due to the fact that the Chinese believed the Dalai clique to be posing a separatist complication to their undeviating position on the eastern Indo-Chinese border affairs. The tensions are now at large with the talks remaining suspended on a loop between India and China.



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