Faithin humanity restored as the British foreign minister Tobias Ellwood stood upwith a laudable act of compassion

Terrorism and extremism are concurrently two of the most sinister issues of the present world. Ever since 9/11, such baleful incidents have escalated in their gravity and numbers. Such a vindictive act of terror was spotted in front of the British parliament when a policeman was brutally stabbed by a radical activist earlier this Wednesday. Under the equivocal circumstances, the British foreign minister Tobias Ellwood hurriedly rushed to the aid of the victimized policeman.

Getting muddled with blood all over his shirt while trying to resuscitate the policeman, he had been photographed by the media. Although his efforts went in vain as his rigid assistance could not save the life of that policeman, it resulted in Tobias Ellwood being applauded as a hero all over the social media by the users and also received a great acknowledgment from the MPs for such a commendable act of humanity. This was also potentially endangering for his life, the police didn’t have any hints of the attack beforehand. However, through their network agency named ‘Amaq’, the ISIS has claimed full liability for the terror attack. They also mentioned that the terror mongering fanatic was one of their “soldiers of the Islamic State”. Apart from that, not many details have been disclosed by the British for now, for the sake of anonymity.  Stay tuned to FactsFry for further updates on the incident. 



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