10 things to Google only if you are suicidal

Although human beings have been created as preeminent creatures but still there are such instincts which lead us to the peak of insanity. FactsFry presents you with 10 such insane and horrific things which you should never Google.



1) 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick:

In here, one protagonist Luka Magnotta kills two kittens by locking them in a plastic bag. Moreover, in his last video, he shot the killing of a Chinese international student Lin Jun who was Luka’s former boyfriend.

2) 3 guys 1 hammer:

Back in 2009, a video was filmed with a cell phone camera where it shows that three Ukrainian serial killers brutally killing a man with a hammer. Not only that, before this they also murdered 21 people with that same hammer and thus it leaves the viewers panic stricken.

3) 2 girls 1 cup: If you value your love for chocolate, then we strongly suggest you not to Google this.

4) BME Pain Olympics:

Olympics can be based on different events. But BME Pain Olympic surely does not fall under the Olympic register. Surely you would never want to take part in such an Olympic where people go as far as cutting off their own genitals to win the pain tolerance competition.

5) Skin Conditions:

You may think these two are just random words and it won’t influence your mind to concoct anything unnatural. But when you click on the images after searching for this keyword, you will be exposed to some of the most disgusting skin conditions which would surely ruin your day.

6) Faces Of Death:

Every living being is mortal, so are we. But everyone is not destined to a peaceful death. Google this keyword at your own risk if you want to experience the horrific appearances of the people who met some of the most unlikely and dreadful deaths.

7) Crush Fetish:

Crush Fetish is such a website where you see women wearing nice shoes and crush foods, expensive stuffs and deplorably, even animals, which lead them to death. If you are an animal lover, then FactsFry would definitely suggest you to never ever Google this if you don’t want to lose faith in humanity.

8) Mouth Larva:

Utterly sordid! Just don’t Google it!

9) Krokodil:

This has nothing to do with crocodile or alligators. It’s an alternative name for the drug ‘Desomorphine’, which if taken, will lead to the turning of your skin to something resembling crocodile scales.

10) Peanut Dog:

If you are a puppy lover then we would definitely suggest you not to Google it. There is a real dog named ‘Peanut’, known as the ugliest dog in the world. So if you don’t want to ruin your affection towards puppies then we here at FactsFry would definitely advise you not to go for it.

So, these were the 10 most unusual things you should never Google, unless you want to lose your sanity. Do inform us about your thoughts regarding these  freaky stuffs in the comments section.



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