Hugging between two fellow friends/doctors leaves a rare mark: broken ribs!

Here at FactsFry, we are accustomed to hearing outright eccentric stories and news, which may leave many in utter dismay. However, this is a one, the likes of which even we haven’t heard before. Two friends, both of whom were doctors by profession, happened to meet each other after three years in Maharashtra of India. A long period as that is, they hugged fervently, that is, until it left one of them with three broken ribs! One for each year they stayed apart, you may think.

Dr.Madhukar Gaikwad is the superintendent of St. George’s Hospital of Fort district of Mumbai. He was the victim of this fervid show of emotion. His compeer was Dr.Amit Badwe, an orthopedist of the Government Medical College & Hospital of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. As a matter of fact, Amit actually wanted to surprise his friend with an impromptu visit at his hospital on a good Saturday. It worked out well, as Madhukar was really flabbergasted at the visit. However, little was he expecting the zealous hug of his friend. In fact, he had just enough time to see his friend from his seat before he received the heartwarming hug. Due to his position and over exertion, three of his ribs cracked in the process, leaving Badwe ill at ease.

The whole incident was described as nothing but a “freak mishap” by the ill-starred Madhukar. This turned out to be a new turn in their friendship, even though Badwe is still mortified and keeps inquiring about his friend, who has been prescribed full bed rest for 15 days to expedite the natural healing process.



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