Comedian and philanthropist Ellen DeGeneres’ real estate venture

Who doesn’t know Ellen DeGeneres? Even more importantly, who doesn’t love her? The millionaire humorist is also well known for her show ‘The Ellen Show’. However, she is more widely regarded for being a charitable philanthropist, social activist and what not? But, apart from these multi-talents, she is also known to have a special interest in real estate, primarily in the acquisition and renovation of properties. Her latest speculation in this part of the business includes putting one of her villas up for sale for an astounding $45 million price. This one is situated at Santa Barbara, California. However, the villa’s grandeur certainly lives up to its insane price tag.

The pathway to the fabulous garden

The villa was designed by architect Wallace Frost in the early 1930s. The background of the villa’s acquisition isn’t much elaborate. In fact, it was acquired by Ellen and Portia in 2012 for $26.5 million, which is a bit more than half of its current selling price. This is because the villa was refurbished opulently over the time which elapsed after Ellen bought it. However, the breathtaking aspect of this villa is its surroundings and natural environment. Ellen said and I quote, “The surrounding gardens and olive trees are almost as wonderful as the interior. The house truly feels like it was built out of the landscape, rather than plopped on a plot. It feels ancient, like it’s been there forever. Like that hill was never without the house. This is a home that honors nature, and I love that.”

Inner courtyard

True to her words, the Gothic styled villa is actually riddled with elements of a natural landscape. Ellen’s exquisite taste in villa refurbishing includes mixing Old World styling with the New World’s one. This particular villa of hers has been termed as ‘the American Riviera’ due to it profound similarities with the famous region of Europe. The interiors of the villa are streamlined with boulder fashioned bricks, amalgamated with a marble finishing. The entire compound is complete it its own lawn, swimming pool, overview spot, outdoor benches for enjoying nature’s pleasantries and a garden with a mix of olive and eucalyptus trees. As a renovator, Ellen even wrote a book from her experience in this field. When it comes to multi-talents, it will be near unfeasible to find someone who can one- up her. So, we can see why she didn’t leave any stone unturned when it came to this villa being revamped. No doubt that it is worth every penny when it comes to the price. In short, we can describe it as a Gothic styled mansion crossed with a 21st century taste, which is equipped with everything a millionaire can dream of.




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