17 Type of Momos that’ll make you Hungry

Momos or dimsums are very popular delicacy that’s just super yum. This mouthwatering and healthy dish can be regarded as a snack or a full meal, but the best thing about it is that it comes in different varieties.

Here, We at Factsfry have fried the list of 17 varieties of momos from  every possible corners of India.


1. Veg Steamed MomoRecipes

The simplest and the starting range of momos! loved by everyone. Vegetable momos are the most healthiest and the cheapest in the momo town.



2. Paneer MomosRecipes

The regular and most demanded category of veg momos. Filled with Paneer and vegetables! tastes best with spicy hot Sauce. Its the First choice of daily veg momo eaters.



3. Fried Momo
RecipesThese momos are deep fried to form crispy touch. The crispy hot momos tastes best with mayonnaise and red hot chilli sauce. These momos can be veg or non-veg bases on the type of filling.



4. Cream Momos
The very new class of delicious momos formed with the combination of Steamed hot momos mixed with the light reddish tasty cream. The combination of Momos and the cream makes the perfect match and tastes like nothing else.

cream Momos


5. Tandoori momoRecipes

You simply cannot escape the tandoor, so momos go straight from the frying pan into the fire! Tandoori momos are prepared like other dishes so you have the veggies like tomato, onion, capsicum etc which makes it yummier.You can dip it chutneys,sauce, mayo or enjoy it simply.

tandoori momos


6. Chocolate momosRecipes

If you thought Chhurpi momos are not sweet enough, you could always try the chocolate momo.Filled with chocolate and drizzled with the chocolate syrup, these momos are just so decadent. Special Mention- Mr.Momo,Wow! Momo



7. Chhurpi momosRecipes

Made from the local soft cheese Chhurpi momos are delicious and healthy, found in most eateries in Darjeeling. Special Mention:Kunga, Dekeva’s.


8. Chicken momosRecipes

Succulent chicken with a dash of spice and a smattering of chillies and onions wrapped in the soft dough steamed to perfection can be found in most restaurants in Guwahati serving Asian cuisine. Special mention : John’s Kitchen, Momo Hut.



9. Fish MomoRecipes

For the health conscious, the fish wheat momo makes the already healthy  momo healthier and a must-try for fish-lovers across the country. Special Mention: Wow!Momo



10. Seafood Momo
Seafood? Yummy! Seafood momos? Yummier! Mainly found in coastal restaurants around the country, though Kadaloram restaurant over the Varkala Cliff in South Kerala deserves a special mention.



11. Shogo Shabril momos
Prepared from  mashed potato and minced beef, shogo is a traditional Tibetan momo served in restaurants specializing in Tibetan cuisine. Special Mention- Tibetan Chef’s restaurant Kochi



12.  Spinach corn momo
Veggie paradise ahoy! Rich filling of fresh spinach and crunchy corn  sometimes with melting cheese, make these delicious !Found in vegetarian chinese restaurants. Special Mention- O! Momos , Mumbai; Flower Drum, Chennai.



14. Kothe momosRecipes
The filling maybe veg or non-veg, Kothe momos are lipsmacking and being pan-fried are healthier than fried momos.



15. Vodka momosRecipes

A newbie in the momo market, Vodka momo still manages to pull in the crowds. Thebatter is mixed with vodka, the momo is tandoorified and then they add a sauce that–suprise, surprise–contains vodka, the filling options are both non-veg and veg. Found in Delhi, Amar Colony at Queen’s Kitchen.



16. Momo au Gratin

With layers of whipped cream,noodles and cheese to top the momos, Momo au Gratin is just amazing and hearty to boot. Found only at Wow! Momo outlets.



17. Pork MomoRecipes

Mostly found in the North-Eastern states of the country, pork momos are sumptuous and filling. Guwahati and Shillong both serve these momos with hot chutneys and soup.

Momos (1)


Share with us if we didn’t list your favorite momo, and also do tell us which among these you have tried or like to try. Bon Appetit!


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