12 Worst Kisses Not To Try

When you love someone the first physical contact you crave with them is KISS. Kiss can be one the most intimate and romantic thing that could happen to you or it could go in totally opposite direction. There are kisses that leave you wanting for more but then there are also the type of kisses that  make you feel the opposite. Factsfry listed 12 worst kisses facts you should never try-

1. The Vacuum Kiss

Imagine a full power vacuum sucking on your lips. Those kisses can just drag you from cloud 9 to 10 ft below the ground.
vaccum kiss worst kiss


2. Food Residue Kisses

Kisses are supposed to turn you on, show your feelings and what not but one thing you don’t wanna know through your kiss is about their last meal. gross!

3. Mouth wide open kiss

In this type of kiss their whole mouth covers yours practically choking you. A turn on? Fu#k no!
open-mouth kiss worst kiss

4. Simply Disgusting Kiss

None can describe them exactly.. except that it was disgusting
disgusting kiss worst kiss

5. Tongue Sucking Kiss

French kisses make you  feel out of the world but careful if you are trying to take it to next level you might screw it up totally

tongue kiss

6. Warning Kiss

There’s gotta be some privacy dude!… don’t tell just go for it and feel the magic.

warning kiss

7. Dripping kisses

Know that feel when someone’s spit is left on your mouth after kiss? Trust me this is not the way you wanna wet your girl.

8. The Stinky kiss

Instead of having to inhale his scent combined with his deo what if you get to smell a stinky breath? NOT ACCEPTABLE

9. Ear Cleaning Kiss

A lil ear lobe biting is good but what if tries to gross it out putting his tongue in your ear. WARNING BELLS WOMAN! run for life.

Man Kissing Womans Ear

Man Kissing Womans Ear

10. Up The Nose Kiss

Another warning sign for you to run for your life

11. The Sloppy Kiss

The sloppy kisses are just a sign that he is not that into you. Have it your way and run in the opposite direction
slopy kiss


12. Dead Fish Lips

If he just stands there with an open mouth like a wish no tongue, no pressure on lips. Girl! you gotta get a damn clue.



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