10 surprising facts about North Korea you should know

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North Korea a country situated in east Asia in the Northern part of the Korean peninsula. You must have heard one or two things about North Korea,The Hermit Kingdom. Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea, as the its government makes frequent headlines in world media on its continues work on Military Hardware,make boisterous & strengthening its Nuclear powers. Kim jong-un is the most cruel leader right now on the Globe. North Koreans are known for their own way of living with using less technology & only 3 broadcasting channels.

So here are 10 most surprising and Interesting facts you should know about North Korea-

  1. They have their own time zone – Pyongyang Time Zone


North Korea created its own time zone, Pyongyang Time or Standard Time of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which is 8.5 hours ahead of UTC (UTC+08:30) and has been the standard time zone in North Korea. Starting 15 August 2015, the country brought back the time zone which was earlier used on the Korean peninsula before Japanese rule.

2. Peoples can have 1 of 14 hair styles


According to TIME “Women in North Korea are allowed to choose 1 of 14 approved Hair styles by the state: married women are instructed to keep their tresses short,while the single ladies are allowed let loose with longer, curlier backs“. Men in North Korea are prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5cm-less than 2 inches-while older men can get away with up to 7cm (3inches) . No western hair styles are allowed in North Korea.

3. People’s elected government – Single party Election


As we all are familiar with Political Elections,It is part of Democracy in every country. But in North Korea Political Elections are very far different then other country elections. Elections are conducted in every 5 year term but the hands out ballots has single option on them, there is only one political party.

4. No Traffic Lights


In North Korea there are no traffic lights on the road, there are only some stop lights in which many of them do not work & replaced by Police controlling traffic. As estimated North Korea has more traffic Police then traffic lights.

5. Three Generation Punishment


If you are citizen of North Korea and commit a crime or violates law,then there is a very different way of punishment. If a person violate law or is sent to prison camp, it affects their whole family. Grandparents, Parents, & Children of the violator are sent to work with them.

6. Constitution available for anyone to read


Although the document points out freedom of expression, Democratic voting & the freedom of religion but The country is far from it.

7. Only Three Channels to watch on TV


North Korea has only 3 channels of which are only available on weekends,while the other is broadcast in the evenings. Because of this South Korea soap operas are among the most popular items smuggled in.

8. Pay For Chairs & Desks


All students are expected to pay for basically everything but the teacher, this cause disturbance in some parents to secretly pull their children from school.

9. New Basketball


Source – AP

North Korean loves basketball,But plays with a different rule,Some include 4-Pointers (if a 3-pointer never touches the rim) and points deducted for missed free throws.

10. Legal Marijuana


Marijuana is the cannabis plant, the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant that are smoked as a drug. Marijuana is illegal in almost all countries. But in North Korea it is fully legal to buy, sale & consume marijuana. Its a perfect place for Marijuana addict.



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