Family returns adopted dog, but its luck flipped with its new owner!

Dog adoption is a very familiar and noble practice nowadays. Who doesn’t love these delectable, absolutely fascinating creatures? However, that is not what makes adoption special. One can buy pets off any local pet shops, albeit trained and pristine ones. But, the thing about adoption is: it kind of endows you with a beautiful responsibility and the act itself is of a magnanimous nature. There are so many of these creatures waiting to be adopted and welcomed into their safe haven by enthusiastic owners. Stretching it further, one can always rescue a dog in need of it from the streets or the wilds. But, the adoption schemes don’t always end up in the way the owners or the pets expect them to be. Such was the case with Christie, an endearing dog found abandoned on the streets by enthusiastic rescuer Valia Orfanidou in 2015. Christie was a little different from the other dogs in the sense that she always bore a suspicious attitude, which was natural for dogs strayed upon birth. However, upon receiving proper care and training, Christie turned out to be one of Valia’s favorites. She formed an unusually strong bond with her rescuer. She did retain some of her suspicious stances, but mostly would lie on her crate calmly. But, little did Valia know of what would become Christie’s fate when she was to be adopted by a new family.

After two years of training and attachment with Valia, Christie was finally adopted by what would appear as her forever family. But, within two months of adoption, she was returned to the centre by the family, stating the cause of this act to be Christie’s ‘irrational and aggressive’ behavior. There have been cases like this before for Valia, but never one so outright impetuous. In most of the cases, the dogs’ incompatibilities with their respective owners turn out to be a result of improper handling and mismanagement. Mind you, dogs are creatures which are very much alike to other higher mammals in the sense of that they are highly perceptive of their care and surroundings. With proper skills and a little background research, everyone will be able to get along with their pet dogs. As Valia stated, she was accompanied by a trainer while she was going to drop Christie off. But, for unknown reasons, Christie had become susceptible to her suspicious nature during her temporary tenure at the household. Her aggressiveness was an outcome of this behavior.

However, in a miraculous twist of fate, Christie turned out to be much attuned with Valia after her return from her temporary adoption. Valia mentioned that she remained cautious in her dealings with Christie afterwards, but never had any true incentive to do so. In fact, Christie turned out to get along with Valia like she had done for all the time during the past two years. Valia and the trainer, Margaret would take her on walks everyday and Christie eventually learned to trust both of them fully. Valia was very careful in her dealings with Christie during the transition. During their walks, Valia would carefully induce Christie to public places, to see if she had any notions of her past suspiciousness. The result was an unbelievable lack of mistrust in Christie. Although she would sniff around for a bit, she eventually came to trust her trainers once more. She even didn’t react the day Valia left Margaret in charge of her upbringing. This startling incident only serves as another reminder of the faithful and trusting nature of all dogs. Moreover, Christie’s requirements, such as proper interaction, her ‘trustworthy’ crate and training were ensured by Valia. This helped Christie get acquainted to her new surroundings even faster. In the end, we can only speculate at how Christie’s fate took a wonderful turn. After all, with the right mindset and apposite care, even the most impetuous of the dogs can be tamed.



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