Comedian buddies turn against each other as Sunil Grover was allegedly battered by friend and host Kapil Sharma

We all know that comedians possess the ability to restore the sense of humor of any conversation. However, things played out differently between Kapil Sharma, the host of the TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and his fellow comedian, Sunil Grover. Things seemed pretty normal while they were returning on an Air India flight from Australia after performing there, to Mumbai through Delhi. However, Kapil reportedly got drunk after consuming a full bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey and got carried away sentimentally, when his show’s crew members started eating their midair meal before he could finish his drink. What ensued next was total chaos and unorthodox drama! Stay focused, as we here at FactsFry bring to you the uncensored version of the events as they played out during the flight- exclusively from the viewpoint of an eyewitness.
After Kapil’s endless and chaotic ranting, which attracted the attention of even the remotest passengers of the plane, his crew was totally discomfited. They even attempted to return their meal to the flight attendants, not being sure of what else to do. However, in his drunken state, Kapil blurted out his egoistic feelings regarding how he had made each and every one of them famous by his own dint and scorned at their apparent “betrayal”. Honestly speaking, even I don’t know how else to put it, as it felt somewhat like treason to Kapil at that moment. Guess this is what happens when you watch too much of Star Wars. He went on and on about how they wouldn’t be here, if not for him. At certain point, when Sunil tried to calm him down, Kapil literally took off one of his shoes and started hitting him for taking a stand against him. In the ensuing brawl, Sunil was also assaulted in other ways, while another female crew member took a hit in the form of collateral damage. Even after all these, Sunil tried his best to keep himself unperturbed.

As a finale, Kapil taunted Sunil for the fact that Sunil left his show earlier to start his own, but failed dramatically and rejoined Kapil’s one. Sunil had to take a stand up for his own self against this, but not long before others like Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda became victims of Kapil’s rage. We don’t know how Kapil was restrained at the end, just the fact that the airline hostesses threatened to intervene and detain him with the help of the security forces waiting at the ground.
After an incident like his, all of us know that online battles are likely to rage on, with each side presenting their own philosophies and interpretations of the events which took place midair. As of the latest update from FactsFry, we can highlight that Kapil initially deemed to have no knowledge of any “serious” fights between him and Sunil and that brotherly scuffles are nothing to ponder on. However, it was too late to cover up, as the story was rapidly trickling through the internet. So, Kapil posted a tweet in which he apologized for hurting Sunil unintentionally, as that is how he branded his entire shoe bashing action. But, Sunil announced his decision of quitting ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ even if he was given double the remuneration, through a stern reply on Twitter.  So, what is your reaction on the clash of the comedians? Do let us know.



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