Why snapdeal changed to pink/Vermello colour?

First of all, the color is more Red than Pink, better known as Vermello or Vermehlo [1] [originally in Portuguese]

The intelligent choice of this color is to induce the positive feelings of warmth, love, happiness, festivity which are associated with Red and Pink. Snapdeal via it’s new logo is trying to pull off a Coca-Cola [Red Logo] campaign which started in 2009, with the slogan ‘Open Happiness’. Coca-Cola has now replaced it this year (2016) with ‘Taste the Feeling’ slogan [2] after a long successful run from 2009–2015.

As per Snapdeal’s official statement regarding this color:-

Our magnificent shade of red that we call Vermello, is a bold and modern symbol of India’s audacious aspiration that our brand seeks to enable. Our symbol is so much more than just a box; it is a representation of untold potential and possibilities.

In addition to the color change, it has smartly moved to “Minimalist and Flat” logo design [the Web 2.0 logos are obsolete now], which are much neater and easy-to-the-eye in mobile and browsers. The bold and vibrant colors also make a favorable impression.

They badly needed this Brand Makeover/Re-branding to remind the consumers of it’s existence in India. I have done my last 10 online shoppings mostly from Amazon and sometimes Flipkart; but never from Snapdeal. Snapdeal is coming a distant third behind these 2 giants and also getting pegged by the new e-commerce entrants such as ShopClues, Jabong, Abof, Myntra, PepperFry, YepMe.

So, it was actually a now-or-never kind-of situation, where it needed to do something quickly to stand out from it’s competitors and garner some much-needed media and viewer attention.

Meanwhile, TV channels are inundated with Ads from all e-commerce websites to get the most out of this long Festive Season which extends till the wee hours of New year’s 2017.

Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are engaging in an expensive battle for superiority and monopoly, to take the biggest piece of India’s e-commerce sales pie, which is expected to exceed $50 billion by 2020.

In spite of all this, you will surprised to know that none of these companies has had a profit of even a single dime till date! Rather they are running into huge losses of the order of 1000–2000 crores per year [3] . Nonetheless, investors are pumping in billions of dollars into them to win and retain customers, resulting in rapid expansion. Eventually, the one with deeper pockets, innovative marketing campaign and better customer service will win!

Any which way, this healthy competition in E-commerce space is great for the consumers, the same way as the Reliance/Airtel/Vodafone battle!

[Thanks to Reliance Jio, I have got fabulous discounts and goodies from Airtel to stop me from porting to rival telecom operators! 🙂 ]

Coming back to the Logo, I personally am not that impressed or over-awed by the box logo. I feel it’s not innovative and creative enough. I believe, this kind of logo will fit more to businesses which are related to ‘movers and packers’ or online storage companies like DropBox.

Final Verdict: The new logo is still 100 times better than the previous one! So, it’s a step in the right direction along with the #UnboxNewSnapdeal [4] marketing campaign!

Happy Shopping!

Source: Quora




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