15 famous advertising war between companies

There have been advertising war going on since advertising began. Factsfry brings to you some of the most interesting and entertaining games of one-upmanship.

1. Micromax Vs Apple

Micromax launched its smartphone A70 with a sly point in its in favour  ridiculing the other’s  brand name and appealing  to the masses with a pocket-friendly android, with the tagline “i (can afford this) phone”,  priced at Rs 8,000. When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, Micromax went a step further, releasing new ads for the A75 model that used the tagline “i (can afford this) Phone 4S(ure)”.

Micromax Android vs iPhone advertising war

2. Durex vs Competitors

Durex wished a cheeky Father’s Day.

durex advertising war

3. Fedex Vs DHL

“FedEx Trucks are always one stop ahead”. FedEx completely stole the show with its clever advertising on their iconic white trucks.

fedex advertising war

4. Burger king Vs Mcdonald

This ad shows Ronald McDonald trying to go incognito and order at Burger king.

Burger King VS mcDonald advertising war

5. Sprite Vs Pepsi

Following Pepsi’s ‘Youngistan’ campaign ads featuring  bigwigs like Ranbeer Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan, Sprite gave us the brilliantly done spoof … ‘Seedhi Baat, No Bakwas.’

Pepsi youngistan

Sprite “Seedhi baat, no bakwas”

sprite advertising war


6. Luxury cars ad wars: Audi Vs BMW Vs Subaru Vs Bentley

bmw vs audi advertising warsource – 9GAG

7. Jet airways Vs Kingfisher airlines

When Jet said, “We’ve changed.” Kingfisher responded with,”We made them change.”

jet airways vs kingfisher airline advertising war

8. VS Commonfloor Vs

Housing, revamped their entire brand, and came up with a brand new hoarding “Start your new life today, Look up”,

housing-lookup advertising war

and then this is what Common Floor did to them

housing-fail-by-commonfloor advertising war

Housing gave a warm reply

housing-vs-commonfloor advertising war


9. Dettol Vs Vim

When Dettol compared itself with Vim indirectly, Vim responded with-

detol vs vim advertising war


10. Coca-cola Vs Pepsi

Here, Pepsi shows it reach by clever positioning..

pepsi vs coke advertising war

11. Axe Vs Old spice

When Old Spice enticed with Terry Crews’  “I’m on a horse”  commercial,


Axe tried to up the ante and….

.axe advertising war


12. Mac Vs PC

Even computers joined the race.

MacPC vs dell advertising war

13. Flipkart Vs Amazon Vs Snapdeal

Online marketing companies one-upped one another last October.

flipkart-big-billion-sale advertising warAmazon-16-October-Offers advertising warsnapdeal app-notification advertising war


14. TOI Vs The Hindu

Times tried to capture the market in Chennai( and the rest of India) by its ‘Wake Up!’  campaign showing sleepy readers bored by the same old dreary news,(indirectly pointing at The Hindu).

The Hindu retaliated, brutally, both on print media

Promotions-Made-by-The-Hindu advertising war

and on TV.


15.  Maggi Vs Yippee

While Maggi begin its #WeMissYouToo campaign, Yippee took a jab at Maggi, changing its tagline to,’Always Tasty. Always Safe.‘ and releasing its new ad .

advertising war maggi and yippee


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