13 Things Cheaper Than Whatsapp

Thins cheaper than Facebook's whatsapp

“Nineteen Billion!” the exclamation for the tech and business communities have their heads aflutter with news of social networking giant Facebook has wedding with whatsapps at the cost of $19 Billion($16 billion in cash, and $3 billion in restricted stock). If that do not sounds shocking to you, its because its an non scalable amount of money for you for the time being.

Lets fry this fact and get aware of what the nineteen billion dollar can buy in this world. So, these are the list of thing that are cheaper than whatsapp-

1. Building a colony on mars – $6 Billion

colony on mars cheaper than whatsapp

2. Cost Of Providing Safe, Clean Water to the Entire Globe- $10 Billion a Year


3. The Hubble Space Telescope : $10 Billion


4. The World’s Tallest Building Burj Khalifa: $1.5 Billion


5. The London 2012 Olympics: $14.6 Billion


6.  World’s Entire Music Industry: $16.8 Billion


7. United States Porn industry : $13.3 Billion


8. Complete cost of Large Hardon Collider : $11 Billion



9. Complete Iceland economy cost : $14 Billion



10. Cost of USS USS ford aircraft carrier: $13 Billion

A conceptual rendering of CVN 78, the first of a new generation carrier design, CVN 21, for the US Navy, underway at Northrop Grumman Newport News. Construction is slated to begin in 2007. Innovations for the next-generation aircraft carrier include an enhanced flight deck with increased sortie rates, improved weapons movement, a redesigned island, a new nuclear power plant and allowance for future technologies and reduced manning. CVN210304

11. Total cost of Beautiful Jamaica Iceland – 14.8 Billion



12. Cost of Top 20 Football clubs of world – $16



13. Cost of Fifty Most expensive paintings ever sold : $5 Billion




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